This is the collection of blog posts and publications produced by the Leipzig Centre for the Study of France and the Francophone World and its partners. Its goal is to contribute to further education about France and the Francophonie as well as to provide information on interdisciplinary projects of the University of Leipzig in this field.

Blog posts

Therese Mager: A Turning Point for French Democracy?

Demonsrierende gegen die Rentenreform in Paris.
To the ReCentGlobe Blog

Ines Grau: Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine in Straßburg

From the blog of the Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt (FGZ).

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FZ Blog: Brassaї und die École de Paris in der Fotografie.

Schwarz-weißes Foto eines Kamins.
To Ulrike Blumenthal's article

FZ Blog: The institutionalization of Tamazight in Morocco

A white building with a golden door. The image is framed by two trees. You can read one label in Arabic and one in Tamazight.
To Magda Iraqi's article

Kathleen Schlütter: Französische Forschung in der Pandemie

To the ReCentGlobe blog #43

Yasmine Najm: "Global Security” and “Separatisms” in France

To the ReCentGlobe blog #44

Jens Herpolsheimer: Konfliktinterventionen durch ROs

To the ReCentGlobe Blog #45

Therese Mager: 2022 Presidential Elections in France

To the ReCentGlobe Blog #56

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