Call for Papers: “Imaginations and Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition” – Third Annual Conference of the SFB 1199

The SFB 1199 „Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition“ at Leipzig University announces its third annual conference, this time addressing “Imaginations and Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition”:

“We invite scholars to contribute with their own studies to a comparative discussion of spatial imaginations under the global condition and the transformation of their forms and functions since the 19th century. Contributions could be from geography and cartography, cultural and literary studies, history, anthropology, political science, international relations, economics, religious studies, and related disciplines as well as scholars with diverse area studies specializations. We seek to bring these voices together for a better understanding of how spatial imaginations contribute to the creation and subversion of spatial formats and spatial orders under the global condition. Potential papers may be either theoretical or empirical, or both. Topics could include but are not limited to:

– Theories and concepts of imagination(s) with regard to processes of re-spatialization and processes of globalization;

– Historicity and historicization of spatial imaginations

– Actors and agency of imagination(s), practices of imagining spaces and spatial orders reacting to/ dealing with the global condition

– Modes, forms and media of spatial imaginations under the global condition

– Institutional arrangements, and power structures that result in, or stabilize spatial imaginations under the global condition;

– Conflicts between different (groups of) actors over competing spatial imaginations related to different globalization projects;

– Multiple ways, rhythms and moments in different world regions and in different cultural contexts of relating to, activating, circumventing, or subverting global and transnational spaces as a form of spatial imaginations.

Accepted paper presenters will be offered travel reimbursement. Overnight stay in Leipzig during the conference and meals are paid for as well. There is no conference fee.

Submissions should be in English and include a title and a short abstract of the proposed paper of 300–500 words, a short CV, as well as contact details.

The submission should be sent to Dr. Steffi Marung ( by 1 May 2018. The selection of papers will be announced by mid-May and authors are invited to submit draft papers by early September 2018.”

More Information: